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At Wera, they believe in challenging the standard.

They are innovators. The best in their class. Boasting some of the best product designers and engineers in Germany - the home of performance manufacturing. Developing ground breaking tools that push boundaries resulting in truly outstanding performance. Wera tools are for professional, industrial applications and are a solution-provider for problems associated with screw connections.

But users don't only deserve great tools to make their life easier, faster and safer. The drive to transform the mundane into the extraordinary is limitless, and they want you to be part of the team.

So if all you want is a screwdriver, they can do that, They can do that better than anyone.

But if you want more, if you demand more, then you've come to the right place. Wera can contribute not only through tools, but with valuable advice and recommendations from nearly 80 years experience. Let's live the dream together. Be a Tool Rebel....


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