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Since Purdy's beginnings in a small garage in Portland, Oregon in 1925, the art of making premium painting tools has always been at the heart of the Purdy success story. Purdy remains committed to creating the best painting experience. Moreover, their brushes are created by hand, personally and individually. Every brush you buy has a sticker with the initials of the person who made it.

For over 80 years, 100% of their brushes have been handcrafted by skilled Purdy brush makers. Many of Purdy's brush makers have more than three decades of experience, taking the finest raw materials and turning them into the finest brushes available and products of uncompromising quality! Purdy roller covers are made with the same devotion to quality as their brushes. their roller covers load well, reduce splatter, and release evenly. Purdy roller covers are available in a variety of sizes which make these great for any job. There is a roller cover to meet every need whether it is a lint free finish, heavy duty coverage or edge to edge application.

They have built an extensive product line of tools by carefully listening to the needs of professional painters. Through time there have been changes in coatings, changes in how the job is done, and the day to day needs of the pro. But, the one thing that has not, is their commitment to give you the best tools for the job, and they will continue today in the same tradition Mr. Purdy started over 85 years ago.

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Purdy 140900600 Folding 10 in 1 Multi Tool
£7.44 ex. VAT
Purdy 144234010 XL Elite Monarch Paint Brush 1"
£11.02 ex. VAT
Purdy 144234015 XL Elite Monarch Paint Brush 1½"
£11.79 ex. VAT
Purdy 144234020 XL Elite Monarch Paint Brush 2"
£14.16 ex. VAT
Purdy 144234030 XL Elite Monarch Paint Brush 3"
£20.01 ex. VAT
Purdy 144234040 XL Elite Monarch Paint Brush 4"
£25.49 ex. VAT
Purdy 144234710 Pro-Extra Monarch Paint Brush 1"
£11.69 ex. VAT
Purdy 144234715 Pro-Extra Monarch Paint Brush 1½"
£13.53 ex. VAT
Purdy 144234720 Pro-Extra Monarch Paint Brush 2"
£15.41 ex. VAT
Purdy 144234730 Pro-Extra Monarch Paint Brush 3"
£21.22 ex. VAT
Purdy 144380515 XL Elite Sprig Paint Brush 1½"
£10.98 ex. VAT
Purdy 144380520 XL Elite Sprig Paint Brush 2"
£13.43 ex. VAT
Purdy 144380525 XL Elite Sprig Paint Brush 2½"
£14.87 ex. VAT